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Fast-track end-to-end claims management and fraud detection with Octamile's Automated Claims solution.

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Integrate with Existing Applications & Legacy Systems

Efficient cloud-based claims automation for improved consumer retention and portfolio growth

Claims Automation with Insurers & Consumers at Heart
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Claims Automation is key to the profitability of your business, reducing consumer churn and satisfying policy holders.

  • Fast-track claims processes
  • Detect & reduce fraud
  • Improve claims data security
  • Achieve a seamless customer experience
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Optimise staff productivity

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Automated Claims FAQs

Octamile's Automated Claims is a claims management solution that helps insurers digitalise claims processing and payout claims in minutes.

Our solution covers end-to-end claims management from policyholder self-service claim submission (FNOL), document processing, fraud detection, claims adjudication, virtual inspection and payout.

It helps insurers save cost, detect fraud, improve customer experience, and increase workforce productivity and policyholder retention.

Whether you want to adopt a partial or complete approach, Octamile's Automated Claims solution will seamlessly integrate and function within your current system. It also integrates your rule-based decisions and workflows.

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